Top Arts 2015

March – June, 2015
National Gallery of Victoria Australia, Federation Square, Melbourne CBD

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Source: NGV

VCA197This image taken at VCASS Graduate exhibition – iteration included in Top Arts. Source: unknown

Painting crop

Artwork details:

[a-d]: Little scabs everywhere, ur gonna be totally fine, &you can only get away with that because you’re an;: we usuallt do the safer one but then we decide to try ot the quicket bit more dangerous one
enamel paint on transparent synthetic polymer resin


Examples from Studio Arts folio displayed on NGV website (see here):

Quote from NGV website, written by CEJ:

Ideas behind the work… “(For me) this year has been a focus on creativity and not having any physical or artistic limitations. Aleatoricism, meaning the incorporation of chance into the process of creation, is the perfect concept to describe my process. Basically I went through a myriad of relatively innovative experiments and trials, often questioning the element of ‘control’, and thus completely challenging my working process. It really has been pretty amazing how many ideas have ‘come’ to me, especially in the last few months of working. For ‘Little scabs’ I really focused on the element of chance, and to what extent the appearance of chance may be influenced by control. A focus on colour, movement, texture and the materiality of the work was important. As well as the subjective interpretation of the viewer, there was also an intense focus on colour, how it informs and shapes the aesthetic especially in terms of form and texture. I aimed to create an art object that could be considered pleasantly aesthetical, with an abstract awareness and hope the artworks communicate as something heightened, chimerical, active, as Plato called pictures: “Dreams for those who are awake.” The title is also based on a series of dreams I had this year.”


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