Red Gallery, May-June 2018, Curated by Clare Ellison Jakes in collaboration with Jacquie Owers-Gayst, Benjamin J Baker, Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son & Hannah Potter

1. a faint or unsteady light; gleam.
2. a dim perception; inkling.
verb (used without object)
3. to shine faintly or unsteadily; twinkle, shimmer, or flicker.
4. to appear faintly or dimly.

Click here for an installation video
(Sound piece by Jacquie Owers-Gayst)

Image by Eric Jong, Recreate gallery

Ellen Red Gallery (1 of 5).jpgImage by Eric Jong, Recreate gallery

Glimmer-GuyGrabowsky-1.jpgImage by Guy Grabowsky

Glimmer-ClareEllisonJakes-1.jpgImage by CEJ

Glimmer-triptich.jpgImage by CEJ

Glimmer-ClareEllisonJakes-4 copyImage by CEJ

Image by CEJ

Glimmer-GuyGrabowsky-3.jpgImage by Guy Grabowsky

Image by CEJ

Glimmer-GuyGrabowsky-2.jpgImage by Guy Grabowsky

Image by CEJ

Ellen Red Gallery (2 of 5).jpg
Image by Eric Jong, Recreate gallery

All artwork details:
Deep Cream Maradona **
Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son

scratched cellophanes, fishing wire, hooks, tensioners, aluminium strip
[a-d] 3 x 2.8m

Washing out and cleaning out,
Cloth soaked indigo,
Open darlings it’s warm here.
by Clare Ellison Jakes, Benjamin J Baker, Hannah Potter

acrylic on walls

Jacquie Owers-Gayst

sound, light

Pink as self, Benjamin J Baker, acrylic on board, 40 x 20cm
Otricoli orange baby,
Hannah Potter, acrylic on board, 40 x 20cm
, Clare Ellison Jakesacrylic on board, 40 x 20cm

** Full poem etched onto cellophane:
Deep cream Maradona

My best pink buddy
Walks into their room
With their gigantic jot
Soaring up in the air
And firing their gold
Pew pew
You now dippin’ and cookin’ in gold
Swimmin’ in this custard
Bakin’ your jot
Jot jot jot so much jot
We could run a jotting sale

by Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son, participating artist


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